Greetings from the Principal

School Principal Tadao Murata

School Principal
Tadao Murata

YIC Kyoto Japanese Academy is a school that, through Japanese language learning, works to fulfill the dreams of all its students, such as getting a job at a Japanese company, getting a job in one’s home country at a Japanese firm or one with close ties to Japan, or becoming a world citizen active on the global stage. Teachers with a wealth of experience lead our students in Japanese language study that will help them achieve their goals. Kyoto, where the Academy is located, is a city that on one hand has 1,200 years of history making it a place of international culture and tourism and, on the other, is home to numerous universities and companies that carry out cutting-edge research, both basic and applied. The learning environment we provide is optimal not just for improving students’ Japanese, but also for a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, traditions, and history, and for studying Japan’s institutions, sense of values, and social etiquette. In the same area as our school are vocational schools specializing in the fields of automotive, beauty, animals, etc., and regular exchange with these schools allows our students to gain insight into the knowledge and ways of thinking of Japanese businesses.
We want our students to reach the goal they set in coming to Japan, and to that end our school’s teaching staff offer individualized assistance and in-depth guidance counseling regarding all aspects of daily life. We “forge greatness” in our students, and offer full support for their further advancement. Enrolling in this school is the first step in bringing a dream to fruition, and it is our sincere desire to cultivate talented people who will be active on the world stage.