1 Course summary

Course Study time with level Total
Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Advanced
2-year 400h(20w) 400h(20w) 400h(20w) 400h(20w) 1600h(80w)
1.5-year ———— 400h(20w) 400h(20w) 400h(20w) 1200h(60w)
1-year ———— ———— 400h(20w) 400h(20w) 800h(40w)

2 Course curriculum

Level Purpose Kanji and Vocabulary Educational target
Elementary JLPT N4 Kanji:300
Being able to understand basic Japanese. Knowledge of Japanese used in the classroom, basic grammar, as well as basic conversation.
Pre-Intermediate JLPT N3 Kanji:600
Being able to comprehend Japanese used in everyday situations, at nearly a natural pace, and being able to respond appropriately. Being able to read and write in a simple manner.
Intermediate JLPT N2 Kanji:1,000
Being able to comprehend most of the Japanese used in a wide range of situations, as well as more complicated written language used in newspapers and commentaries. Being able to express opinions on various topics.
Advanced JLPT N1 Kanji:2,000
Being able to comprehend all of the Japanese used in a wide range of complicated situations, including politics, economics, law and international matters. Being able to competently express themselves with natural sounding pronunciation.

3 Class schedule

1st period 2nd period 3rd period 4th period
Morning class 9:00~9:45 9:50~10:35 10:45~11:30 11:35~12:20
Afternoon class 13:00~13:45 13:50~14:35 14:45~15:30 15:35~16:20

4 EJU(Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students)

Japanese Lessons
We carry out two “EJU” preparation lessons every day for the EJU twice a year for two months.

Other subjects
For applicants, we carry out three preparation lessons for “Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)”, “Japanes and World”history and “Mathematics” . once a day twice a year for approximately 15 times.